KAP Rexon Nainggolan & Rekan (referred as Rexon) is an Indonesian registered and certified public accountant registered established by the decision of Ministry of Finance of Republic Indonesia and the member of the Indonesian Institute of Certified Public Accountant (IICPA). The firm established with the aim of providing a wide range of accounting and financial services to clients and aspires to be recognized as quality service provider. Our team always attempts to work in every possible way to uniquely serve the customer's needs through our high quality products and services. We are excited to share with you our values and qualities which we believe that it will appreciably contribute to your business improvement. We are a team of accountants, with vast knowledge and professional experience, serving its clients and specialize in the field of accounting, auditing, taxation, and other consulting and advisory services. The firm also pride itself as registered public accountants who are keen in passing innovative values in accounting information system and business processes.

Our commitment is to provide the highest level of integrity, quality, and professionalism and provides clients with solution in the all area of our services. Known as Indonesia's mid-market alternative for audit, tax, and advisory solution, we have developed a reputation for being a real choice of quality and value added financial advice due to the depth and breadth of in-house skills, customized offerings, and commitment to excellence in customer service. Those make our office the right choice for maximizing shareholder value.

Our team represent a coalition of specialized skills that is geared to offer sound financial solutions and advices. The organization is congregation of professionally qualified and experienced persons who are committed to add value and optimize the benefits accruing to clients. Each of our team members makes up a substantial portion of the unique knowledge base that is used to assist their clients. Working with our well-trained, professional staff, our partner make sure that receive value from the service we provide and that no stone remains unturned in our effort to help you take care of your business. Our partners have unique and specialized skills that work in tandem to deal with the complex issues that businesses face. No accountant can understand all these complex business issues which is why we use a team approach in serving our clients.

Rexon together with its partners had successfully developed and implemented accounting information software named ISACC Enterprise and Plutonium Accounting in many clients from small business or midsize company. It is easy, real time, complete, but yet affordable. Plutonium Accounting supports end-to end business processes. You can configure each of these business processes to the needs of your company to be enabled to gain a competitive advantage in your industry. The software understands that every business is unique. That's why we offer a complete portfolio of business management and business intelligence solutions designed to fit your business - and your budget. It's about increasing productivity, reducing costs, improving customer service, and gaining market share. It means leveraging information to gain a competitive edge. And it means empowering your work force with the tools and information it needs to help you reach the next level.

The firm was established based on the decision of Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia No. KEP 96/KM.1/2010 and later amended with decision No. 961/KM.1/2011 dated August 22, 2011.

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